Rockchip RK2918 Miracast adapter.
That's why it's so small, they left out the thermal conduction wall!
Oh well, not the greatest design.So expect about.5 hours runtime on high and lipigas codigo descuento longer on low/medium - which is not bad, you could always use that battery as a spare one for long nite rides.However, Ive done a little more research, and it turns out iPush is also a product designed by Action Semi, that just does the same thing, and with the same enclosure.Original SSX2 from aliexpress (bought it for 62 or so) has 3700mAh battery.That light can use Magicshine and Xeccon battery packs.Gotta open it up tomorrow and measure capacity of every con 10 aciertos en el kino cuanto gano cell, I can hardly believe that chinese manufacturers make 18650 cells with 500mAh capacity These lights also have different, more simple driver - I've already seen 3 driver types in significado de los regalos de los reyes magos SSX2 bodies and spotted.2v.What is the difference in output on the High vs Medium settings (subjective responses are also acceptable at this point)?It feels secure and snug as a bug in a rug.Reply With" #50 Just pulled the trigger on the solarstorm X2 for.84.The D99 is better, but doesn't have a true hot spot.Reply With" #11 This will be my first try with fasttech.The only down side as I see it is that it is only using standard XM-L T-6 emitters.Memory 64M DDR2, storage 16M Nor Flash, video Output Standard hdmi interface.I have no use for the strobe, but I understand others.As for the battery there are no serial numbers or identifying marks but atleast it looks to be soldered decently.