The patient takes a bath in a bathtub which is filled with warm to the ejemplo de una negociacion ganar ganar touch water and cupon del 25 de noviembre 2016 about 1-2 Litres of CO2 gans water.
Then all you need to is add the distilled water into the water of the bath.
Gans Test Results, i purchased a gans CO2 collection kit, made some of this material, and shipped it to a laboratory to have it tested.We have recently discovered that our measurement for the radius of the proton (that we made a hundred years ago) was way off, and thus the entire standard model of modern physics, which is based upon it, is starting to crumble because of this discrepancy.True story, you may have heard of it, the proton problem.Regardless of whether the tumour is in the spine or the brain, ensure the body is immersed in the bath water or if necessary the patient can lower into the bath with only the mouth or nose above the water.Liquid Plasma: As an Inhalant, liquid Plasma Inhalation is very important because when a "Breathing Device" is used it directly addresses the emotions.You deplete the energy from the centre of the cancer, from the point where its absorbing all the bodies energy.Patients can do it at home.Do not use the gans itself, use the gans water (see.The energy from the seed is transferred.This could also be realized with a Jacuzzi (bubble bath, whirlpool).After a thousand dollars of professional atomic testing, the results are clear.Gas in a Nano-Solid State.Put gans water in a glass of drinking water; hold a straw close to the surface of the water and breathe in the surface air at the top of the water.Now, digressing from Keshe.When you put the mercury above the water, the water will absorb the gans of the mercury.

Contents, liquid Plasma: Bath, this gans treatment is very powerful.
Plasma Units, liquid Plasma.