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Regal Coin appears to have a legitimate website, but theres no whitepaper, no information about the development team, and no signs indicating that there are any Regal Coin products or services.Over the years I have tried to keep up with him and his business.Thankfully maciocia : pushkarmore, what active IB you have, if I may ask?Regal Coin isnt connected to any platform, company, product, or service.Oh, you hold many shit like btc, and eth in ib sanjay47742, l1: liza below 10 btc in next 5 day vamos mi verde que esta noche tenemos que ganar letra pushkarmore : lizun needs at least.055 btc investment for the lowest amount.If you refer someone to buy Regal Coins, and then they refer someone, and that person refers someone then youll earn money from all three levels: Level 1: 7 earnings, level 2: 2 earnings.So far i do not see an IB with weekly or monthly with a dice requirement.The company claims to be based in Hong Kong.Regal Coin doesnt list its address, nor does it list any information about the management team.Tony Mesaros was the first real true coin dealers I had the pleasure of purchasing coins from in 1974.Pushkarmore : if liza IB gives 10 daily, it has to deminish at least 10 daily to keep up else the IB holders make a large profit pushkarmore : so there will be sharp declines in liza for sure.The website has a whitepaper, but its a blank page with a handful of FAQs displayed.Regal Coin, found online at, is a new cryptocurrency currently going through its ICO.Regal Coin is a cryptocurrency that introduced itself to the internet in August 2017.In fact, we dont even have any evidence that Regal Coin is based on the blockchain for all we know, the currency is just a digital token represented on a centralized web server somewhere.
You can earn significant income by referring other people to the platform so thats one reason why you see people talking positively about the currency online.
The RegalCoin Multilevel Marketing Program, regal Coin has a three tier marketing program.

Theres a total supply of 27 million Regal Coins (REC).