The owner of a guild can use Lords Coins to descuentos discapacitados alsa submit orders for specific tradepacks from these benches.
If a player exchanges a Territoken and 50 Gilda Stars, theyll receive a special Product Tradepack thats worth 100 pence if sold to the Market Merchant.
Crafting the important items: The Workshop The Territory Workshop is mostly used by the ruling guild.Any member of any faction, player created or not, can be authorized to work in a territory as long as they are not a member of the ruling guild.Its here where youll make the three existing Lords Costumes (Royal Bloodraven Robes, Griffin Guard Uniform, Shock Conqueror Plate) and Whyspron pet armor for Regal Ore (available from the Workshop) and Blue Salt Hammers, craft a Cryptic Lucky Scroll to re-roll statistics on Ayanad cloaks.The, territory Market Merchant buys Territory Products for 50 Lords Pence and will produce 60 Territory Goods after 60 Territory Products are turned.If the thief does not wish to unseal the pack, they can also sell it on Freedich Island.After that period, a member of the ruling guild can take the letter to Diamond Shores and read it in front of a Lead Pioneer to receive a construction materials tradepack immediately.Plus, even those outside of your guild can benefit from your flourishing city!Once that cooldown is complete, the NPC will re-appear and offer that task again.This ore can be purchased every 22 hours.Products are produced by the Farm, and are further described in that section.After the cooldown on the NPC is completed, the Farm will produce 1 Territory Product Trade Pack and trigger a new cooldown.The, territory Workbench is very important.Providing security for your stuff (maybe The Warehouse.Well cover how nations work and what the Diplomatic Headquarters does in a later article.The Sovereigns Vault Workbench can craft Sovereigns Robes for 1 Blazing Sunridge Ingot, 1 Blazing Cloudspun Fabric, and 1 Blazing Wind Spirit Leather.This was just the first of our dives into whats coming in Update.9: Ascension!If the looting is successful, a tradepack will be placed on the thiefs back and a system message will be broadcast to the entire server.
Building it requires 3 stone packs, 2 lumber packs, and 2 iron packs.
You will need to be level 50 or above in order to receive one.